Participants will be responsible to obtain and pay prior departure to Costa Rica his/her international travel/medical insurance for emergencies and evacuation or repatriation of remains.

Cancellation and postponements policies:

The following cancellation and postponement policies must be respected and will be effective once VEC receives the enrollment form.

In case of cancellation or postponement:

Credit notes are evaluated for credit in the Language Program only, and not for other services requested like host family accommodation or trips. Credit notes are valid for a maximum of one year, after date of cancellation or postponement.

Institution’s commitment:

If a change of plans regarding schedule of Spanish Classes, specific studies or excursions occurs, VEC will either plan another schedule, excursion or the student will be compensated with the amount corresponded to that activity.

Participant’s commitments:

Important note:

Should it be necessary to enforce the terms, conditions and policies of this agreement by any means (including, but not limited to arbitration, negotiation or the necessity of any legal action), the prevailing party in such action shall be controlled and submitted to the Costa Rican law.

I understand that any form submitted to VEC has a reference to this document, I truly assure that I read, understood and I agree with terms and conditions specified above.