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Take a look at what there is to do in Costa Rica and plan your travel adventure with Visión Educativa Comunicar.

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Travel in Costa Rica

"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world”.

Chinese proverb

Programs / Courses

Real Time Spanish Virtual Classes (one-on-one)

One of the most valuable aspects of the human experience is the ability to connect with others. Being able to communicate with someone in their language is definitely a key.  Those who speak other languages have the chance to communicate with a wider range of people. Learning another language is a gain for your personal objective and also professional purposes.

Traveling in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an attractive ecological destination. Nature is a part of everyday life. You can explore the large variety of wildlife and natural resources.

The “Ticos” (as) -the name of the Costa Rica people- will show you the meaning of a PURA VIDA lifestyle. Make your travel plan to Costa Rica with us and let us make your visit an amazing one.

Spanish Language Teachers Training Workshop

An excellent opportunity for institutions, language schools or individual teacher/instructors to be updated with the methodological approaches to encourage the new learners to learn a second language.  VEC trainings will provide you with insight to improve your teaching methods, linguistic materials and cultural awareness for new learners.

Spanish Language Group Program

Costa Rica is a great place to learn Spanish. VEC combines classes and cultural activities in the afternoons. You will have the opportunity to practice your Spanish while learning about the Costa Rican culture.  Group classes are maximum 4 students per class.  During the weekend the participants have the option to visit some of the highlighted excursions VEC travel offers.